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Who We Are

Solid Pixel is a collective of creatives sharing the sole purpose of helping companies from any part of the world to design, build and develop their business identity, as well as their online presence.

We are all different and independent people, comprising an impressing mix of experience, creativity and ambition, all leading towards one common goal: providing your company with a Solid and unique personality.

Web Design


We are passionate about helping startups create a visual identity that attracts the perfect audience. With over 10 years of experience in pairing beauty with results, find out how Solid Pixel has helped startups from all over the world to succeed in the very first step of their biggest dream.

Web Design

We’ll learn everything about your brand, your audience and your company’s goals, in order to craft a website that’s meant to endure, easy for you to manage and to uniquely represent your company in the digital world.

But it doesn’t have to end here – we offer a range of solutions to cover the ongoing maintenance of your website, so that you can completely focus on your business and let us take this weight off your shoulders.

Web Design


We love helping our clients define their visual personality.
We ask, we listen, we research: our goal is to develop a consistent and unique brand identity that reflects your style and connects with your ideal audience.

We’ll make sure you have the right tools to get noticed for years to come.

Graphic Design

We can help you connect and resonate with your audience through beautifully designed solutions, both printed and online. We are expert in printed collaterals such as business cards, packaging design, product labels, and much more – we can create a whole concept that matches your brand identity and reflects your style.

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